Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On the streets of Salta

As we walk round the streets of Salta – and we are doing a lot of walking – we are struck by many interesting and unusual sights. Rather than write a long blog this week we are sharing some photos with a few comments.

For Sale 
Would you buy this car?

If you want to indicate that your car is for sale, no words are needed. A bottle on the roof, often filled with a brightly colored liquid is all you that is required.


The Argentine government has a strict policy of making everything in Argentina and importing very little. There are a few foreign – mostly French – car companies with subsidiaries in Argentina, but even their products are very expensive. As a result the streets are full of old cars, as well as wrecks from which pieces are slowly cannibalized.

Election Posters

Would you vote for this man?

 Last Sunday was the day of the provincial elections, which everyone looked on as not very important compared with the upcoming national elections in 2 weeks. Those will tell if Cristinita’s government has enough support to continue its increasingly unpopular and risky policies. We enjoy looking at the posters of the candidates, which invariably have a photo plus a banal and meaningless slogan. Some of the candidates look as if they do not bother to shave or have something to hide.


It is strawberry season here and at many street corners there are barrows piled high with dark red strawberries, which fill the air with an intoxicating scent. 20 pesos for 2 kilos = US $0.80 per pound.


There are a lot of dogs, and evidence of dogs in Salta – and very few cats. Dogs are everywhere. Some people keep them on their roofs or balconies, from where they bark at unsuspecting pedestrians. Because of all the dogs, the trash is put out for pickup in elevated baskets. 

Our House

This is the house we are staying in. The front is still under construction, and may always be. The back half and upstairs are new and mostly finished. Isabel is our hostess -- a sweet, clever and entertaining lady with strong opinions. Lin and she get on very well.

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